Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

No. 89: “Too Hot”

Libby Sk8er Girl No. 89

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
November 9, 2022

Also, check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

Check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

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Libby’s Scribb1es

'Sup, Dudes!?

My beauteous love interest—Guy Hunkmann—has returned!!! (As did Siobhán the Shirtless and Anna Log…but whatever…they're only, like, my best friends!) Now, I'm sure you're wondering two things: (1) Where are Colonel Bombshell and Chase the Sn0 Bro? and (2) Where did those lovely scarves come from???

Well, to answer the second question first, I knitted the scarves. As longtime readers of Libby Sk8er Girl may know, I'm actually an avid knitter! As to the first question: Honestly, The composition just didn't have room for it. As it is, you can barely see Guy's wearing a bitchin' crop top to show off his rockhard abs. Sometimes, these choices are made because Brian doesn't want to draw all of that, but in this case, it was that the Colonel and my cousin just wouldn't fit well on the page. (Besides, Chase is an idiot, and considering his thing is to often wear long sleeves with shorts, it didn't fit as well. Col. Bombshell would've fit, since she's always got a bare midriff—like Siobhán, Guy, and I do—but there wasn't room, so we'll just say she was on a mission or something.)

On an interesting production note, though: Did you know that part of this comic was inked digitally?!? Yeah! I haven't been drawn digitally since way back in Issue 3, and since then, Brian has chosen to do my comics on paper with pencils and pens and real ink and stuff. Today, however, due to some nonsense with grad school, Brian decided to ink part of this comic on his iPad. The one exception was the stuff for Anna Log. It's in her Fictional Contract for Fictional Characters that, while she may be reproduced digitally, an original image of her can never be done digitally. It has to be analog, lest her whole schtick get loused-up by indolence or convenience. Thus, while Guy, Siobhán, and I are all digitally-inked in this comic (along with our dialogue), Anna is traditionally inked (as is her dialogue and Brian's signature). This was accomplished by—wait for it—printing out the digitally inked page and then inking Anna the old fashioned way. I'm telling ya, this is the way of the future. This is like combining live action and animation, but even more astonishing. I'm sure nobody has ever thought of this ever.

I should patent this or something…

Anyway, I'm sure you're dying to have more Scribb1e to read tonight, but Brian is exhausted and he hurt something in his right hand while carrying overladen bags of yard garbage to the curb tonight (this was before he finished drawing this issue, no less) so I probably have to go tend to him, even though I'm a fictional character and have next to no ability to elicit change in the real world. I'm sure you're all really disappointed about this, but to you I say: Suck it up, Turtle Butts! You'll get more of this excellent content next week, even if Brian's hand hurts worse and he has to draw all of this nonsense left-handed!

L8er Sk8ers!