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For business inquiries, please email me at


I am willing to do art commissions! You can email me at the above email if you want to discuss commissioning a piece. Do be sure to put “COMMISSION INQUIRY” somewhere in the subject line.

If you want to commission art, though, you should know that I will not draw material that is pornographic or depicts graphic violence or gore. Aside from that, I am open to discussing anything, and if I realize that I won't be a good fit for what you want drawn, I will let you know as soon as possible.

As far as pricing goes, my rates for commissions are as follows:

  • $25 for a bust drawing
  • $35 for a full body drawing
  • +$5 for an extra character
  • +$10 for backgrounds

Also, if you want a print of the commission, there may be additional charges for shipping.

At this time, I can only handle payment through PayPal.

Fan Art Policy

Fan art is awesome!

That being said, it is kinda stealing. You should feel free to express your love for something, but please do not try to pass fan art off as your own entirely original creation. I work really hard on what I create, so if you do make fan art based on something of mine, please try to give credit and make clear that it’s fan art. This can be as simple as tagging me on Instagram and using the #fanart hashtag. But most of all, thank you for liking something I made; that’s really cool!

Submission Policy

I do not accept submissions at this time. Any unsolicited submissions will be deleted without being looked at.