Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

No. 8: “Sk8er 8”

Libby Sk8er Girl No. 8

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
April 21, 2021

Also, check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

Check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

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Libby’s Scribb1es

'Sup, Dudes!?

Whoa! Eight issues already? I feel like I only started this gig a month ago, yet here I am, single-handedly revolutionizing the art of comics by simply being spectacular!

Oh...You don't think I've revolutionized comics? Is this because hardly anybody reads my comics? Thought so...

Hey! If you are reading this and you know someone who isn't, send a link their way. I'm a badass and deserve all of the attention and readership that exists. If someone doesn't agree, then they obviously haven't read this specific issue! I mean, it's literally been outlined here with 100% accuracy; I, Libby Sk8er Girl, am in the greatest comic of ALL TIME (which is conveniently the same as my name, Libby Sk8er Girl). Disagreeing with the list just means you have different taste, which means you probably don't like chocolate either. (What a weirdo!)

Anyway, thanks for checking out this comic or whatever. Also, thank you for reading this scribb1e. It means a lot to me that, even though you come to read a one-panel comic that often has limited text, you prove your literacy by taking the time to read a multi-paragraph letter in which a fictional skateboarder imparts important wisdom and life advice. Honestly, some people might say it's sad, but I don't. I say it's pathetic!

Now, go learn to knit or something!

L8er Sk8ers!