Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

No. 23: “Go to Bed”

Libby Sk8er Girl No. 23

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
August 4, 2021

Also, check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

Check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

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Libby’s Scribb1es

'Sup, Dudes!?

If you've been reading my comics long enough, you know that I am one busy sk8er girl, going on all kinds of adventures, getting into trouble, and just being generally kickass. Such incredible coolness can be exhausting at times, though, so I asked Brian if this week I could just take a much-needed rest. It's not that I don't appreciate all the things I get to be drawn doing, but I'm just *yawn!* so sleepy!

On top of sleep being good when you're tired, I think it's also probably good when you think you're right about something and decide to go off half-cocked about it on the internet...I hate to break it to you, but a lot of the things that bug you in the world will not be fixed in the bowels of a YouTube comment thread. It doesn't matter what the video is, it's just never gonna happen. Maybe I should say something wise and inspiring here, but fuck it…I'm tired and need to go to bed. You should too. If you have trouble sleeping, you should watch Stargate SG•1 or read My Hero Academia (the manga; you could also watch the anime, as both are cool).

If you have any problems with what I have said today, please take it up with your navel, as you presumably spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at it…When you're not gazing at mine, of course. 😜

L8er Sk8ers!