Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

No. 136: “Yar!”

Libby Sk8er Girl No. 136

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
October 4, 2023

Also, check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

Check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

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Libby’s Scribb1es

'Sup, Dudes!?

Piracy is cool! Except, it kinda isn't. I could go into greater detail, but long ethical arguments are, like, the most boring things on the goddamn planet, and they usually don't get their point across clearly anyway.

Regardless, the fictional concept of pirates is fun, and after the excitement of Anna Log's vacation arc from August (it started here), I think another story arc is in order. This one might even be a saga! And yes, it will involve all of my friends and me dressing up as pirates and setting sail in search of a bikini. What's not to love? (Personally, I think it sounds pretty fun, especially if all of our outfits are cool and there's opportunity for skateboarding!) I'll be the captain, of course, and I think Anna will be my first mate. We'll have to see what we do with Siobhán & co. as we move along…(Something tells me that Colonel Bombshell won't be on board with this brilliant plan…)

Also, in addition to being cool and pirate-y, this comic has some nifty anime/manga references in it. There are three (3) anime/manga series referenced intentionally. Can you figure out which ones they are? If so, email your guess or answer to, and I might respond to you in a future Scribb1e! (Just make sure you write "OKAY TO REPRODUCE" and include a name.)

In the meantime, make sure you get excited for next week's comic/episode: "All Aboard! The Crop Top Pirates Set Sail!" I'm gonna be Queen of the Sk8ers!

L8er Sk8ers!