Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

No. 100: “Sk8in' with Pals”

Libby Sk8er Girl No. 100

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
January 25, 2023

Also, check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

Check out the Libby Sk8er Girl Collection at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe!

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Libby’s Scribb1es

'Sup, Dudes!?

Careful! With this being the Big 100th Issue/Comic/Episode, there's a chance we'll get sappy here…which is stupid, because there aren't any trees around! (Plus, Brian was sappy enough by putting that silly caption underneath things…How am I supposed to be taken seriously as an edgy weirdo when I'm associated with inspirational shit like that?)

But ANYWAY, the important question that you need to answer (lest you suffer eternal sadness and regret) is: Do you know what's special about our shirts today?!? (Well, Anna and my shirts, and Siobhán's pasties…) Do you? DO YOU?!?!?!?

If you don't, that's fine, but if you do, send an email to with your guess/answer/hypothesis. Be sure to write "OKAY TO REPRODUCE" and include a name. Then, I'll try to give a shout out to anyone who gets it right before next week's comic. (I might shout-out the people who get it wrong too, but I'll make fun of them for it, 'cause I don't care if Anna and Brian think I'm an asshole…I think I'm hilarious!)

Okay…I'm done with this Scribb1e. Tune in next week when I'll be up to some other kind of shenanigans!

(Actually, first: Do you ever do that thing where you write a word, like "shenanigans," and the spell check doesn't underline it, so then you write a bunch of random letters, just to make sure the spell check is actually working? If you do, and you care to share that, toss that into your email about our shirts!)

Thanks for reading this far…On to even more excellent Libby Sk8er Girl comics! After all, we can't necessarily claim this is the greatest comic series of all time, but it is the greatest Libby Sk8er Girl comic series of all time. (Kinda like how Tigger is the greatest tigger of all time…)

L8er Sk8ers!