Spread the Love, Not the Virus

Spread the Love, Not the Virus

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This creativity challenge didn't really catch on for me. It was an experiment, and sometimes you have to try things even if they don't give you that creative spark you hope they will. That's why—aside from this little notice—I'm leaving this page as is, as an archive of having tried something. Anyway, please feel free to check out B Things on YouTube, I have lots of videos and short movies. Or, stay on this site and check out things like Brandy de Hex and Polarnoids!

This Week's Prompt is "Pets"

My video for this week—"The Snow Conundrum"

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Hello, there!

Hey! If you don't want to read this big chunk of text, you can just watch the info video down below!

Thanks for checking out the Spread the Love, Not the Virus Challenge! It's no secret that the world is a little crazy right now, and the threat of Coronavirus/COVID-19 is very real and very serious. It is completely understandable if you're worried or scared, unsure of what the future holds—I am too! Even so, dwelling on the negatives can often make a lousy situation even worse, and it makes it even more vital that we seek out all the cool, positive things that the world still offers. That's why I'm presenting this challenge to any creative person interested to join me in making at least one thing every week for as long as this crisis lasts.

The specifics of this challenge are simple: Every Thursday, I will provide a prompt for the coming week. Prompts can be all sorts of different stuff, and they're meant to be fairly vague, so that people have the latitude to tell their stories. I am planning to interpret the prompts as videos and short movies that I post on my YouTube channel, B Things, but you can do it in any art form or medium that you want. Are you a poet? Write a poem each week! A painter? Paint! Do you like to create gourmet food? I'd love to see how you cook something based on these prompts! The world, as they say, is your oyster. (I've never understood that phrase, but whatever!)

Also, if you choose to share your art, I strongly encourage you to use the hashtag #SpreadLoveNotVirus. That way, people can find what you've made!

The Intro Video:

Prompt List

  1. April 2–8, 2020: Blue
  2. April 9–15, 2020: Sandwich
  3. April 16–22, 2020: Pets

Video Archive

  1. April 2, 2020: "Chase Away the Blues"
  2. April 10, 2020: "Making a B Melt"
  3. April 17, 2020: "The Snow Conundrum"