The aim of Starry Knight Studios is to provide fun, offbeat stories and entertainment that allow people to escape, imagine, and enjoy the world around them. With online videos on B Things and the fantasy webcomic, Brandy de Hex, we hope you can find something here for you!

B Things

B Things is a YouTube channel by creator Brian T. Sullivan that provides an eclectic variety of content, ranging from animation and speed-draw videos to silly “nature” documentaries and nerdy deep-dives into movies, TV shows, and comic books!

New videos are released semi-regularly on YouTube!

Brandy de Hex

Brandy de Hex the flagship series from Starry Knight Comics. From writer/artist Brian T. Sullivan comes a goofy webcomic about a young witch working as a “certified sorceress” (sort-of like a private detective, but who does magic for you instead of solving mysteries). In addition to the bizarre magical conundrums Brandy faces in her job, she must also deal with her wacky friends and zany family!

New 2-page issues are released every two weeks, on Wednesdays right here, on this site!


Polarnoids is the newest project at Starry Knight Comics. From writer/artist Brian T. Sullivan comes a silly, 6-panel webcomic about a polar bear and penguin who text each other and are really super-cool! (Pun intended.)

New issues are released every two weeks (on Brandy’s off weeks), on Wednesdays right here, on this site!


Brian T. Sullivan

Hi, I’m Brian! As this is still a very small start-up, I’m kind-of the only one working here right now. My goal is to tell stories and express myself creatively with the tools at my disposal. I’ve recently graduated from college with a BFA in Film Production, a BS in Computer Science, and a BA in Neuroscience. I want a future where I can pursue my interests and passions and share them with the world. Hopefully, other people will like what I do!


Cool News: Starry Knight Studios has a Patreon account! As of this very moment, you can become a Patron for $2 a month and see new issues of Brandy de Hex TWO days early! (That means you can read new issues on Monday, while everyone else has to wait until Wednesday!!!) If you want to do that to help make all of this possible, check out the link here:

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Fan Art Policy

Fan art is awesome! That being said, it is sort-of stealing. You should feel free to express your love for something, but please do not try to pass fan art off as something you’ve created, and please refrain from selling it. If you do make fan art based on something I’ve created, please try to give credit while also making it clear that what you’ve made is fan art. But most of all, thank you for liking something I made; that’s quite flattering!

Submission Policy

We do not accept submissions at this time. Any unsolicited submissions will not be looked at and will be deleted.