Brandy de Hex

Brandy de Hex

Issue #14 – Valentine’s Day Special 2019:

“Witchy Speed Dating”

Issue 14, Page 1 Issue 14, Page 2 Issue 14, Page 3 Issue 14, Page 4

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day Special 2019!

Brandy’s Witch Watch Updates!

Hi Brandy Fans!

I hope you enjoyed this little celebration of Valentine’s Day! Moving forward, new issues of Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress will be released every other week, so Issue #15 will be out on Wednesday, February 27! But don’t worry, you’ll still get new comics every week, because there’s a new series I’ve been working on and hope you enjoy, so be sure to check in next week for that!

Be seeing you!

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